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Terms and Conditions of Use Policy

Welcome to our site. The following Terms of Use is a contract between an individual user and MJS Associates, LLC, regarding the use of our website and services. By accessing our site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use and are bound by all applicable laws and regulations. The site and its original content, features, and services are owned by MJS Associates, LLC and are protected by international copyright, trademark, intellectual property, and other proprietary rights laws. Users are not authorized to copy the content of this siteIf, for any reason, we believe that our Terms and Conditions have not been upheld, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate access to our website and/or services without prior notice or liability.

Ordering and Promise to Pay Policy

To establish an account with MJS Associates, your mailing and shipping addresses must be located within the continental United States. We reserve the right to accept or reject any order. Orders may require an advanced deposit. By your placing an order with us, it is understood that you promise to pay the full amount invoiced upon receipt. Orders are invoiced after the order is placed and are fulfilled and shipped based upon your promise to pay. 

Shipping Policy

Orders will be shipped via the carrier of vendor's preference. Shipping charges are additional and are shown on the invoice. 

Payment Policy

We accept cash (check) only for payment. Payment is due upon invoice receipt. We allow 20 days from the invoice date to receive your check.

Returned Check Policy

Upon depositing any account holder's check, if  nonsufficient funds (NSF) are discovered, we will impose a check returned check fee of $30.00 on a new invoice due within another 20 days.

Rewards Policy

Certain orders qualify for "rewards." If these rewards are applicable to the order, they are only good when received within 20 days of the invoice date for payments in full. If a full payment is not received within this 20-day window, MJS Associates reserves the right to chargeback the full reward benefit to the customer in a subsequent invoice. Please see our Rewards Chargeback Policy below.

Rewards Chargeback Policy

If a payment is not received within 20 days from an invoice date, MJS Associates reserves the right to chargeback the full reward benefit to the customer in a subsequent invoice. If the chargeback invoice is not paid within another 10 days, interest penalties will be imposed. See our Interest Penalty Policy below.

Interest Penalty Policy

If the Chargeback invoice amount is not paid in full within the 10 days from the date of that invoice as explained above, a 20% interest penalty will then be imposed. This amount will be applied to the full balance owed and will be due in full within another 10 days. See our Collections Policy below.


Collections Policy

At any time during our attempt to collect any debt, MJS Associates reserves the right to turn over any outstanding balances owed to our collections agent who will act in our behalf to collect the outstanding balance. They will impose additional fees as they see fit upon the amount owed.

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