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I'm Michael Shampine, founder and president of MJS Associates. This is my story.

I enjoyed an avocational career in the volunteer fire service and served with 2 different fire departments. I "worked my way up the ladder" and rose up through the ranks to the position of fire chief. After 29 years of personally rewarding service, I retired from the fire service.


Having earned a Master's degree in education, I was a public secondary school teacher for several years. I left secondary education to pursue and refine my sales, advertising, and marketing skills. I was a co-founder of MJS Associates which sells custom printed and pre-printed products. But it's not the products we sell that define who we are... MJS is really our customers! They rely on us to get the job done... to make their day go just a little easier. We focus on detail and getting superior quality at the best prices.

Presently, I volunteer by serving my community. I returned to education and serve as an Adjunct Professor with experience educating college students at 4 different institutions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I enjoy being a part-time college educator and have been at my current institution since 2015.

Of utmost importance to me is my strong faith in God and His Spirit guiding me in life. I value my wife and family, 3 adult children, and 6 grandchildren. I enjoy being at home and on the beach, staying active, eating healthy, keeping fit, walking, running, and biking.

Life is a series of learning experiences. It is what we take from each of these experiences that makes us who we are.

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